Episode 4: Frank Vorster & The Dive Flag App

A “Diverpreneur” in Australia who has developed an iPhone/Android app just for you! Let’s hear how he got started , what drives him and what is up and coming with his ever growing mobile application (thanks to  his dedication and user input from divers just  like you)! Let’s dive in and get to know Frank Vorster!

Frank tells us all about the life of a busy entrepreneur with many irons in the fire but a great team to help him get things accomplished. He loves to reach out and network with others in the industry and works closely with industry pros around the world to bring great content and resources to the Dive Flag App.  You can follow the DFA team on Twitter and Facebook too.  We will soon be integrating the podcast into the Dive Flag App too so you’ll have one more way to listen to the newest episodes whether you are on your mobile device  or computer.  They also have a shop online at the Dive Flag App website so you can check out gear & gear reviews.

~Happy Diving

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