Episode 3: Keith Saddler


Keith Saddler

A big welcome to our guest Keith Saddler from Hawaii. Such an Inspiring guy. Keith survived a car accident in the 90′s and lost his left leg but he did not let that slow him down in his pursuit of becoming a professional in the SCUBA industry. He is now an Instructor & Divemaster living the dream in beautiful Hawaii.  I hope you enjoy ! I’ll be adding the show notes , links and etc. as I get them finished up but wanted to go ahead and get the audio out today


~Happy Diving  & please leave comments , suggestions or feedback! Looking forward to hearing from you .



One thought on “Episode 3: Keith Saddler

  1. Scuba Steve Riddle

    Way to go Keith thanks for the wonderful words my friend! It has been an extreme easier to be the one to hp inspire you to make the peep my friend:)

    You also forgot to mention your leg fell off during that egress and you still made it happen!

    Keep up the wonderful work your photos are amazing!


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