Episode 9: Jim Holliday & Dive RAID



DiveRaid.comToday we talk with Jim Holliday who is the CEO of Dive RAID. Dive Raid is an awesome certification agency that brings high quality dive certification training online for ease of coursework before hitting the pool edge to work with your instructors. Dive RAID has been developing the courses for over seven years.  More than that they are a company that understands that the industry is changing and they are working hard to adapt to those changes and bring a new business model to the dive industry.  Jim tells us all about his experience in the industry and the great team they have a Dive RAID.  Have a listen and let them know you heard the interview here by posting a thank you note to their Facebook Page.  They will be glad to answer any questions you have. You can also find and follow them on Twitter.

Born out of the need for rebreather training , they realized the need for the highest quality online training at all levels and now offer courses from Open Water to Instructor and have Instructors/Shops all over the world. Dive RAID understands the industry as a whole and how each segment can work together for the betterment of all involved from potential diver to gear manufacturer. Check them out here – www.diveraid.com

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