Episode 10: ERICA BEAURLINE – Eco Dive Tours & How she got started doing it.

DIGITAL CAMERAErica is great! She is energetic, fun and full of wisdom. She has gone through the process of making a move to the ocean and following her passion!!

We talk about her Marine Eco Tour Diving business and the unique experience she provides. What a great woman who is obviously passionate about her diving charter and the educational opportunities she is able to provide. She gives a guided tour with full face mask and communication systems to tell you about the life you see underwater while you are diving with her.  I hope I’ll get to go visit her soon. I’ll be sure to get some video to share with you if I do.  Thanks Erica for a great interview and sharing your time with us !!

Visit her Website: http://www.keywestmarineeducationaltours.com/
Call her up for a tour: 305-504-3514


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