Episode 2: Martina Milanese

Show Notes: The first few episodes are about an hour long but we will be trimming these down to about  a 30 minute show in the future so that you can easily take it along for a jog or car ride while you listen. Enjoy the show and please feel free to leave comments or contact me with suggestions.

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If you are interested in Ocean Conservancy please visit:  http://www.oceanconservancy.org/

Here is an article I found about becoming a Marine Biologist:


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Show Notes: I will be uploading show notes here with resources that guests give us during interviews. There may be book suggestions , links to other sites , contact info for the guests and etc.  I encourage you to listen every day once we launch so that you can stay informed and motivated. This will help you to keep your ScubaPath in focus so you will be actively working towards discovering and attaining your goals.  Join our mailing list as soon as it is available so that we can let you know when a new episode is ready or let you know about any great resources we have for you.

Transcript: Welcome to the only podcast that is dedicated  to helping  you find your path to a successful career in the diving industry and give you the knowledge and inspiration you need to succeed. If you love to dive as much as I do,  I am sure you’ve dreamed of a career in the industry too .  There are so many jobs in the industry that you have probably never heard of and our goal here to find out all about them. I ‘ll be interviewing people  each day from all over the world that have  successful careers in the industry.  You’ll hear from all sorts of people in the industry  from golf ball hunters to dive masters and even people with corporate jobs at major licensing agencies. We will interview anyone in the industry that is willing to give you some guidance and insight that will help you move forward on your ScubaPath.  I’m very excited at the thought of inspiring just one of you guys out there to discover your ScubaPath and take action towards the goal of leaving your existing job in the wake and heading off for a new adventure in the diving career of your dreams.We will have a standard format for the guests so you’ll know what to expect with each interview.  We will find out how they got started, what they do each day, what struggles they overcame and what advice they have for you and lots more.  I’d like for you to send us questions that you have about getting started on your ScubaPath so that we can have these qualified professionals help coach you with great advice that gets you on the right heading. If you are a dive professional, please contact us through the contact page at ScubaPath.com. We would love to hear from you about your dive career and your advice for us.I’ll have  a full lineup of guests and begin making the podcast available here and for subscription in iTunes and all of the other major podcast directories by the start of 2014.  You can help by submitting your questions & comments through the contact page at ScubaPath.com.The pool is open for you to dive in and start asking the questions that will get you on the path to success in your scuba career.   Until you dive in and make your own path follow our bubbles here at scubapath…