If you would like to contact me for any reason please use Twitter  (@scubapath) or Facebook ( ) as this really helps to cut down on a ton of spam in my email. I want to hear from you and hear your feedback. Once we connect & I know you are a real person I will be glad to share my email.

This show is for you and I value your input and truly want to provide you with resources you need to move forward on your own ScubaPath.  I want to know what is holding you back from your Dive Industry Career so we can help solve some of those problems for you!

If you would like to be interviewed on the show send a message to me via Twitter or Facebook . If you have a Skype username you can include that in the message if you like so I can add you as a contact for the interview. Just make sure you let me know in the message why you are adding me as a Skype contact so I can avoid the spammers.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

If you are worried about interviewing DON’T…It is NOT LIVE & I make it very easy. It is a simple 30-45 minute interview.  I can always edit post recording before going live if there are hesitations or mistakes !  RELAX ..No pressure here…. We just love to hear your stories and all about your dive career (New or seasoned).

~Happy Diving!


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Jesika Schilder


    I just wanted to say thank-you so much for taking the time and effort to make your podcast. I got my openwater in February in Bonaire and I haven’t gone a week since without diving (even here in Holland where it is sometimes very cold!). Last week I just started my divemaster course!

    I am totally in love with diving and I would love to be able to do it everyday for work but I didn’t have a good idea of the type of careers I could do with it; especially in combination with my soon to be finished PhD in Biochemistry. Your show is awesome and I have already gotten some great ideas.

    In the future, I would love if you could find some guests who could discuss being a dive instructor and using it to work abroad or even for picking up short-term work while traveling to extend their trip. It would also be useful to get a sense of how much money an instructor can earn in different parts of the world and how easy it is to find work (is OW instructor good enough or do you really need a lot of specialties or to be an instructor trainer?).

    Thank-you so much and keep it up!

    -Jesika Schilder in Leiden, Netherlands

    1. ScubaPath Post author

      Hi Jesika,

      Thank YOU! Congratulations on getting your O/W. I really appreciate your comments and taking time to reach out. I have about five new episodes coming out as soon as I can get them edited and published. Been a bit of a crazy summer for me here but the kids are finally back in school.

      I will do that. The episode with Keith Saddler tells his story about becoming an Instructor/Divemaster and moving to Hawaii. I’ll make sure we get some details on income with the next Instructor/Divemaster we talk with. Please stay in touch and keep us posted on your progress! I would love to hear about your path. Thanks again for your suggestions & feedback!


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