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If you are a employed in the dive industry …..we want to hear from you.  I am interested in speaking with people who are in an industry related to SCUBA diving in any way, shape or form.

Weather you are an accountant at a major dive travel company or you feed or study sharks everyday, you have a story to tell about when you decided that diving was so important to you that you wanted to make it a major focus in your life. I don’t get to dive as much as I would like but I made a decision that I want to be around the industry and meet great people in the industry that will hopefully become new dive buddies and force me to get in the water more often. I am working on my Divemaster training and hope to progress to Instructor as well some day.  I want to hear all about how you found your path into the industry too!

CLICK HERE to see the show format as a guide to the interview.  Just CONTACT ME to be guest.  You can feel free to find me on the social media platforms by clicking the links to the right, top of the website.  Looking forward to hearing your story soon!

Looking forward to hearing from you.  ~Happy Diving



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