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ScubaPath is a podcast that is all about helping you get inspired by hearing the stories of others who have made a career in the diving industry.  I am your host Christian Chew and I am a diver that , just like you, dreamed of a career in the industry and decided to make my own path with this show.  I may not get to dive everyday like many of our guests but I get to be immersed in the industry and meet wonderful people every day.

I interview the guests in a standard, easy to listen to format that allows us to follow their career path from start until present.  I want you to hear as much info as you need to get an idea of what their dive job consists of , how they got started, what advice they have for you, what failures and successes they have had on their ScubaPath and how you can get started if you are interested in a similar path. The show lasts about thirty minutes so that you have time to listen to it in the car, on a jog or whatever you do while you are listening to your favorite podcasts.

Please contact me with your feedback , questions  and suggestions.

Start listening , stick with it , help us grow and let us help you any way we can.  This show is for you and I value your input and truly want to provide you with resources you need to move forward with your own ScubaPath.  I want to know what is holding you back from your Dive Industry Career so we can help solve some of those problems for you!

~Happy Diving!

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