ScubaPath 11 with Laurent (Larry) Pilotte

Laurent PioletteLaurent (Larry) Pilotte grew up snorkeling and exploring above and below the sea in New England in the USA.

He quickly realized he needed to make SCUBA diving the focus of his life.  He has traveled around the world, found and identified underwater treasures, created educational videos and more.

He now operates a company to eradicate invasive freshwater plants that are taking over many bodies of water all across the  United States. His program is gaining momentum and the attention of many municipalities as they discover how effective the removal process is and how fast the plants are taking over.

You can connect with Mr. Pilotte on his Facebook page  or YouTube channel to find out how you can get involved.

Episode 10: ERICA BEAURLINE – Eco Dive Tours & How she got started doing it.

DIGITAL CAMERAErica is great! She is energetic, fun and full of wisdom. She has gone through the process of making a move to the ocean and following her passion!!

We talk about her Marine Eco Tour Diving business and the unique experience she provides. What a great woman who is obviously passionate about her diving charter and the educational opportunities she is able to provide. She gives a guided tour with full face mask and communication systems to tell you about the life you see underwater while you are diving with her.  I hope I’ll get to go visit her soon. I’ll be sure to get some video to share with you if I do.  Thanks Erica for a great interview and sharing your time with us !!

Visit her Website:
Call her up for a tour: 305-504-3514


Episode 9: Jim Holliday & Dive RAID



DiveRaid.comToday we talk with Jim Holliday who is the CEO of Dive RAID. Dive Raid is an awesome certification agency that brings high quality dive certification training online for ease of coursework before hitting the pool edge to work with your instructors. Dive RAID has been developing the courses for over seven years.  More than that they are a company that understands that the industry is changing and they are working hard to adapt to those changes and bring a new business model to the dive industry.  Jim tells us all about his experience in the industry and the great team they have a Dive RAID.  Have a listen and let them know you heard the interview here by posting a thank you note to their Facebook Page.  They will be glad to answer any questions you have. You can also find and follow them on Twitter.

Born out of the need for rebreather training , they realized the need for the highest quality online training at all levels and now offer courses from Open Water to Instructor and have Instructors/Shops all over the world. Dive RAID understands the industry as a whole and how each segment can work together for the betterment of all involved from potential diver to gear manufacturer. Check them out here –

Episode 8 – Szilvia Gogh – More than you can imagine!


szilviaSzilvia Gogh is an amazing person and amazing diver!

Chances are she has accomplished more in her lifetime than you have even imagined. She is a Renaissance Woman with many interests but her underlying passion is for SCUBA and the rewards it has to offer those who pursue it wholeheartedly.

“Luck comes to those who stay busy while waiting” . Luck is not what it seems when it comes to opportunities and Szilvia knows all about putting in the work that brings the “luck”.

She is a wonderful combination of warm , funny and super tough! i hope you will listen in and get to know her. YOU WILL BE A FAN IF  YOU DO!

Connect with her at her website While you are there be sure you check out her amazing jewelry and use the PROMO CODE “SCUBAPATH” for 20% off any purchase. Take advantage of this offer for the divers on your Christmas list.  You can also find all of the other ways to connect with her from her site.

~Happy Diving

Here is a video of her involvement in the  “A Chance for Children” program.





Episode 7 Lisa Rollins – Don’t Forget Your Dive Light!



A great interview with “Catching Hell” star Lisa Rollins. We hear all about how she got started and hooked on SCUBA diving for life. Lisa tells about her experience being lost at sea during a spearfishing tournament and how it almost ended her diving career. She decided to get back up and go again the very next day! What an inspiring woman. Hope you enjoy.


Be sure to check out all the great things Lisa has going on at her website Help her out with all of the great things she is doing!

You can follow Lisa on twitter @oceanloveher to keep up with all that she has going on. You can also find her on facebook.

Watch her on the Weather Channel in action on Sunday nights at 9PM Eastern! She’ll be watching with you.

Episode 6 Dan Smith Gaining Experience by Volunteering, Marine Conservation, The Manta Network & Advice for Your Resume


Dan Smith is currently employed as a Fisheries Technician at Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation. He recently graduated from Nova Southeastern University in FL with MS in Marine Biology. We talk about his journey through the educational process and his loads of experience gained by putting himself out there for volunteer work.  We also talk about his role at The Manta Network as researcher and social media manager and get some wonderful advice from Dan about getting that edge with experience for your resume!

Episode 5 Classroom Under the Sea

bruceAndJessica2 Why Two Roane State Community College Educators Attempt World Record Stay Underwater for 72 Days…

I had the  pleasure recently to interview Bruce Cantrell & Jessica Fain from Roane State Community College.  They are part of an amazing and innovative project called Classroom Under the Sea. The two college professors have been diving together for years and have taken many groups down to the Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida but had no idea that they had been in training for this mission for all of those years.  They are both  aquanauts that have spent time living under the sea in the MarineLab Undersea Laboratory but nothing close to the 72 day stay they will be attempting from October 4 through December 15 of 2014. The goal of the project is not just to set a world record but to also bring more attention to the education of students about the importance of our oceans and to help understand how they can be involved in making a real difference to conserve one of our greatest resources on the planet. It all starts with education and opportunity.  Continue reading

Episode 4: Frank Vorster & The Dive Flag App

A “Diverpreneur” in Australia who has developed an iPhone/Android app just for you! Let’s hear how he got started , what drives him and what is up and coming with his ever growing mobile application (thanks to  his dedication and user input from divers just  like you)! Let’s dive in and get to know Frank Vorster!

Frank tells us all about the life of a busy entrepreneur with many irons in the fire but a great team to help him get things accomplished. He loves to reach out and network with others in the industry and works closely with industry pros around the world to bring great content and resources to the Dive Flag App.  You can follow the DFA team on Twitter and Facebook too.  We will soon be integrating the podcast into the Dive Flag App too so you’ll have one more way to listen to the newest episodes whether you are on your mobile device  or computer.  They also have a shop online at the Dive Flag App website so you can check out gear & gear reviews.

~Happy Diving

Episode 3: Keith Saddler


Keith Saddler

A big welcome to our guest Keith Saddler from Hawaii. Such an Inspiring guy. Keith survived a car accident in the 90’s and lost his left leg but he did not let that slow him down in his pursuit of becoming a professional in the SCUBA industry. He is now an Instructor & Divemaster living the dream in beautiful Hawaii.  I hope you enjoy ! I’ll be adding the show notes , links and etc. as I get them finished up but wanted to go ahead and get the audio out today


~Happy Diving  & please leave comments , suggestions or feedback! Looking forward to hearing from you .